Photograph shows Daniel Thong, Co-Founder and CEO of Nimbus with Cleaning Supervisor Mr Asrin Che Hosni

Singapore’s National Day celebrations are getting bigger and better but the most exciting holiday weekend story in the world of Rapzo Capital, was the announcement by Nimbus, of a staff stock sharing scheme.

No surprise in the high-tech and finance sectors, but a first when the staff, in this case mostly mature women and affectionately titled “Auntie”, are the part-time cleaning staff who arrive each day and restore order to the daily chaos in Singapore’s office spaces.

Unlike most cleaning services providers, Nimbus differentiates themselves by offering the same long-term employment opportunities, higher wages and  benefits to their mostly part-time workforce that we expect for full time work. Focusing on the commercial office market, Nimbus’ services go way beyond just cleaning to re-stocking the pantry through to watering the plants making “Auntie” a key component in the business “family” eco-system.

This aligns perfectly with Rapzo Capital’s commitment to drive social impact, bringing respect and self-esteem to an often overlooked but vital part of any company’s workforce.