Among the most highly educated people in the world, Singaporeans are also the fussiest in their treatment of jobs deemed unglamorous. Sadly, this has meant a gradual erosion of respect for all kinds of service staff or “blue collar” workers, including trades and professions which in fact require highly skilled, qualified technicians.

This attitude contrasts sharply with other countries where plumbers, electricians, builders and other contractors are not only treated with respect, they are usually very well compensated. Following the recent Budget 2019 announcement to tighten up on foreign labour, these attitudes urgently need to change if young local talent is to be attracted to these trades and begin to recognise that a “blue-collar” skill can be an almost fool-proof path to success in a rapidly expanding gig-economy.

The OVVY Marketplace offers the householder who needs professional services with immediate access to a large community of peer rated providers. At the same time, small operators are empowered through the technology with the marketing reach of much larger organisations and for both, the convenience and security of the online payment facility. By alleviating some of the sales pressure, through providing a steady source of business opportunities, the OVVY vision is to encourage operators to focus on attracting local apprenticeships and shift their reliance on transient foreign talent.

In short put some of the glamour back into the trades!

OVVY marketplace Founder and CEO, Tom Beattie, knows all too well the impact and potential that having a skill can offer having started his career as a professional footballer. Behind its glamorous façade, success in football came from having a skill, combined with discipline and hard work; these values remain a cornerstone of OVVY’s founding philosophy.